Jolly1 Recreational Rowing Boat

The Westport Jolly Boat for Recreational Rowing. The Jolly Boat is perfect for getting out on the water and enjoying yourself. Whether you want to relax in our wonderful marine environment, enjoy a picnic or just to keep fit and healthy, take a look at our Westport Jolly Boat.

The term ‘Jolly Boat’ refers to small boats carried by British sailing warships, used for small tasks and duties including the transfer of people and goods to and from shore. We have taken the hull lines of these traditional seaworthy boats as inspiration, mixed in the fine lines of the sea going 'Pilot Gigs' of the South West and added a taste of the ‘Thames Rowing Skiff’, leading to a sleeker and faster boat that still retains the stability, load carrying and seaworthiness of the original designs.

Our Jolly Boat is extremely easy to row, whether you are 7 or 70 years old, jump aboard and you will be rowing with confidence in no time at all. Her traditional and graceful lines hint at her seaworthiness and surprising speed making her at home on the river, loch, estuary and sheltered coastal waters.

Her layout is practical, utilising folding riggers for coming alongside making getting in and out as well as rigging quicker, easier and safer. Large lockers forward and aft for dry storage and handy elastic deck netting for those items that need to be at hand keep her practical and easy to use. Her generous freeboard and self-draining deck instil a feeling of confidence making her relaxing and enjoyable to row.

We are currently manufacturing the Jolly1 as a single scull, however we have already designed the Double Scull Jolly Boat and hope to have her in production soon. Register your interest in a Double Jolly Boat and we will keep you informed of progress and offer a discount to all early orders.

For those who prefer fixed seat rowing take a look at our Jollyfly, a simpler, single skin rowing boat that can be fitted with a single or double rowing arrangement. With gunnel mounted rowlocks & 7'3" oars she is ideal for exploring those narrower rivers or just gently relaxing on the water.


Folding Riggers: Our folding rigger arrangement has been optimised for strength, weight and practicality. When folded they have been arranged to tuck just outboard of the tracks so as to provide the minimum of intrusion making coming alongside and getting in and out of the boat simple, safe and easy.  Our development boat proved just how practical this feature is by eliminating all of the pre-rigging normally required – fold the riggers and skulls inboard for storing and outboard for using the boat - simple!  

Standard Club and Racing Rigger Geometry: For those already rowing or for those who intend to row in 'fine' club training & competition boats, the Jolly Boat has the same standard rigging geometry. Novices can learn and practice the various aspect of the stoke in a relaxed and unhurried environment of the Jolly Boat, then progress into the narrower 'fine' club boats. Experienced rowers can also enjoy the Jolly boat as it gives them access to a much broader spectrum of waters in which to enjoy rowing.

The Jolly Boat has been designed with a stronger hull and deck structure perfect for cruising, tours and the kids!

Self-Bailing Hull: The deck drains to the bilge sump where a self-bailer can be used to drain away any collected water, even when stationary!

Side Storage Deck Elastic: Used for keeping items to hand when rowing, i.e. jumpers, drinks, charts, etc.

Forward and Aft Crew Seating: The deck mould has been designed with forward and aft seating moulded in for additional passenges - so no excuse for that gentle row up river for a quiet picnic with friends.

Double Bulkheads: The hull is kept rigid and split into three buoyancy compartments by two bulkheads, with the forward and aft compartments forming large, natural storage areas. This arrangment along with the self bailing capacity satisfy current FISA Coastal Rowing Regualtions.

Side Buoyancy: There is over 300kg of reserve buoyancy split between three compartments (formed by the two bulkheads). By careful design buoyancy has been kept in the sides as well as forward and aft to maintain stability even when swamped. In the unlikely event of a capsize or when boarding from the water the additional side buoyancy also ensures minimum water ingress, improving stability and safety.

Dry Storage Lockers: The two forward and aft compartments form natural storage lockers accessed through two standard 6” watertight access hatches, with the option of fitting additional 10” hatches for storage of camping and touring equipment.

Mooring Cleat Location: The forward and aft mooring cleats are located within reach of the rower to allow easy mooring when coming along side.

Adjustable Foot Plate: The foot plate is adjustable to allow the correct set-up for the shortest and tallest rowers.

Gunnel Return: The gunnel (deck/hull edge) has been specifically designed to turn water travelling up the hull, away and down - reducing spray and water on the deck as well as increasing gunnel strength. This arrangement is also idea for carrying the boat when ashore, so no need for fixed handles.

Bow Eye: The bow eye is fitted as standard and allows for the securing of the boat for towing when afloat or tieing down when ashore or on a trailer.

Transom Design: The transom has been kept flat allowing the simple addition of wood pads when fitting a Rudder or Outboard Motor.

Keel Band: The Keel has been fitted with a low-friction keel band to help protect the hull during beaching and allow easier manoeuvring and storage of the boat.

Quality: Every aspect from design and manufacture to appearance and finish has been carefully considered, ensuring the best quality and long life.

Bare Boat Weight
Deck Drainage
Rigger Type
Rigger Span
Scull Length
Hull Material


Standard Fittings

Optional self-bailer
Folding, cast alloy

Recreational Rowing in rivers, lakes, estuaries and sheltered coastal waters
Training, touring and recreational rowing
Camping and extended cruising
Suitable for all age groups, novices to experts

Folding Riggers
Sliding Cedar Seat & Rails
Adjustable Foot Board, Cups & Straps
Forward & Aft 6" W/T Hatches
Side Storage Deck Elastic, Port & Starboard
4 off Mooring Cleats
Bow Eye
Rigid PVC Keel Band
Bilge Sump & Board
Moulded GRP Hull & Deck
3 Bouyancy Compartments

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